Where can I learn face painting?

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There are 4 main ways to learn face painting.

  • The best way to learn is in person, either in a private lesson or in a group lesson with a tutor. You get to experience the important techniques close-up, ask any questions and have a relaxing day out. It is important, however, to make sure your tutor is an experienced and skilled instructor. If you find a workshop or course near you (easiest found online) but are not sure if it is worth your money, please feel free to drop me a line and I can check it out for you. Email me at: finelinesfaceandbodyart@outlook.com

  • Because there were no suitable courses near me, I opted to study at the International Face Painting School. This is an online school, founded by one of the world's greatest face painters Olga Muresev. It has a huge wealth of free information for beginners, is regularly updated with new information, and has a variety of online courses to choose from.  If you're not sure if it's for you, or you have questions about it, please email me at finlinesfaceandbodyart@outlook.com

  • Youtube is a great resource for face painting tips and designs. There are thousands of tutorials to choose from, some better than others. Some of the artists I would recommend to you are Lisa Joy Young, Ashlea Henson, Olga Muresev, Sophie's Tips, Debz Mills, Fine Lines Face and Body Art (!).

  • If you really get hooked on face painting it is an amazing experience to take part in a face and body art convention. You rub shoulders with industry leaders and amazing artists, and make new friends. Though be warned!! The choice of classes, the amount of things you find you 'need' to buy and the general busyness can be a bit overwhelming. The biggest and best are FABAIC Orlando, Florida), Efabe (Rotterdam, Netherlands), and the UK Face and Body Art Convention (UK)


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