Which brushes do you recommend for face painting?

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As with face paints there are thousands of excellent brushes to choose from. To get an idea of the sorts of brushes commonly used by face painters take a quick look at one of my previous blog entries

You have the option of buying brushes at art shops (for acrylics) but the quality varies enormously. Instead I would recommend using the standard brushes we professionals use. With practice they will give you beautiful, crisp lines. You will be amazed what a great brush can do for your painting. Good places to buy these brushes in Europe include (I take no responsibiliy for the content of external websites):

www.facepaintshop.eu (based in the Netherlands)

www.thefacepaintingshop.com (based in the UK)

www.facepaintsdirect.co.uk (based in the UK)

www.facepaintstuff.com (based in the Netherlands)

Don't be overwhelmed by the choice of brushes available! Any of the brushes sold on these sites will give you great results.


And don't buy too many! You can do a lot with just 2 brushes:


1. A Round no. 3 for linework

2. A flat angled brush ideally 1/2 inch size to start with, for one-stroke.


For beginners I recommend any from the Loew Cornell series, Mark Reid brushes, The Face Painting Shop 'Pink Tip' brushes and the flat angle brushes from facepaintstuff.com

Have fun and don't hesitate to contact me if you need any more help!



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